Lessons From Being Fired (Part 4)

I try to start my day with quiet time studying my Bible.  During that time I journal ideas and verses that have meaning to me.  Inside the cover of that journal I have THIRTY SAYINGS OF THE WISE, all from the book of Proverbs.

Number 1.  Pay Attention to the wise

Number 8.  Do not believe that your own cleverness or work ethic will yield riches, it takes grace and mercy as well.  Trust not in yourself.

Number 12.  Have a heart for learning and knowledge.

Number 21.  Wisdom, understanding and knowledge are treasures.

Number 22.  Victory is won through many advisors.

Lesson 4

Everyone knows everything.  Whenever you out-think yourself, you are also out-thinking your own team.  Wisdom is gained one stolen idea or witnessed experience at a time.

Basketball coaches are interdependent.  Ideas are given freely and stolen silently.  Take this excerpt from a recent article in the Boston Globe, written by Dan Shaughnessy as a humorous reminder of this valuable lesson:

Zipper? Can that still be around? It was one of Auerbach’s famous seven plays that the Celtics used for decades. Larry Bird scored a million points on Zipper even though everyone in the Garden knew what was coming (shooter flashes from down low, blows past pick at foul line, and cans turnaround jumper from the top of the key) when Bird called it out.

Back in the early 1980s, when paranoid Bill Fitch closed Celtic practices and picked fights with innocent custodians who were not spies for the Knicks, Kevin McHale would lighten things by saying, “Right, Bill. We wouldn’t want anyone to see us running these same seven plays we’ve been using for 100 years.’’

Dollars to doughnuts Auerbach did not invent Zipper. Maybe he got it at a clinic when he was a high school coach at St. Albans in Washington, D.C., in 1940.



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