Lessons Learned From Being Fired (Conclusion)

If God sees fit for me to lead a program again, the program will grow the following way:

1. Core Values. Our values will be the foundation of what we build the program on. Those core values are CONFIDENCE, COMPOSURE and CLASS.

2. Standards of Behavior. Expectations will be clearly set regarding how players treat each other, their peers, women, their professors and officials.

3. Clear Vision. Each player will be able to articulate and demonstrate through their lives the vision for the program.

4. Teacher Leaders. Upperclassmen will be able to translate to underclassmen and incoming freshmen the culture established. A player led program wins championships.

5. Culture of Champions. When you win championships, you do so with champions. However, a championship game doesn’t forge a young man into a champion. The champion is forged long before the final game.

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