Get Over Yourself

Agenda of Me vs. Agenda of We

You want to coach players who have gotten over themselves.

Middle school and high school players are beginning to and in the midst of “finding themselves,” so how do can you expect them to put these new discoveries of who they are and how they think aside for something greater than themselves?  It’s not easy, but in order to establish a winning environment you must find a way.

It only takes one player with an Agenda of Me to disrupt the team’s Agenda of We.  

Examples of Agenda of Me are: 1.) Middle school players trying to appease a parent’s expectations rather than the coach’s.  2.) High school players focusing on their personal production in order to increase their recruiting exposure.  3.) College players playing to put together a statistical resume’ that will draw the attention of agents and professional scouts.

Here are two questions to help:

  1. Is the player taking his shot or our shot?  Every individual shot attempt is also the team’s.  Compare:  Your fourth-best player breaks down the motion offense to attempt a long 2FG.  The same player makes a good read and backdoor cuts resulting in a layup.  Two-feet-and-in layups are the highest percentage shot your team will get.  Good shot selection equates to a win-win for both the player and the team.
  2. What is the player’s assist to field goal attempt ratio (A : FGA)?  If a player is averaging 1A : 6FGA or greater – he has an Agenda of Me.  Some of the best teams I’ve prepared for (Alabama-Huntsville) averaged 1A : 3.5 FGA as a team.

Present-day teams that demonstrate the Agenda of We are the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors and Villanova University.  Many of us fell in love with the game by watching the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980’s – two teams that epitomized the Agenda of We.


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