Creative Thought vs. Competitive Thought

There is process to everything we do, especially in how we think.  I have read several times about making time to think, especially in the mornings.  Now, I do a pretty good job of reading my Bible and starting my day of with spiritual development, but I’ve never purposely dedicated time to solely thinking.  John Maxwell says it is critical for success.  Still, I’ve never done it.

I’m like most humans on this planet in that I think when I have to.  I think ‘stop’ at a red light and ‘run’ when I see a snake.  I think about basketball because I am a basketball coach.  As a matter of fact, our thinking is on autopilot most times as we react to our habitual environment.

However, have you ever thought about how we think about our teams, particularly in how we plan for their development?  I want to encourage you to compartmentalize your ‘coach thinking’ into creative thinking  and  competitive thinking.

Creative thinking is important for those coaches who have just taken over a program.  There is so much on your plate from a planning and strategy standpoint, and most new coaches are striving to grow their programs.  1)  Anytime you want organic growth in your program.  

Creative thinking I also important in skill development and leadership development.  2)  Whenever you use the word development, be sure to think creatively.

I also believe that creative thinking is needed as your plan your post-season and off-season programming.  3)  Keep your players motivated and fresh after the season and in the summer by thinking creatively.

Competitive thought is also important for a coach, after all, we want to win.  I think the pre-season is a great time for competitive thinking.  4)  You need to know who on your team competes prior to the season.

During the season there are times where your team needs to improve their dedication to getting defensive stops.  5)  Competitive ‘stop’ based defensive drills should always have a place in your practice schedule.  Yet, there are also times, where your offense seems to sputter.  6)  Think competitively when planning the offensive part of your practice – execution requires toughness.

Finally, the weight room is a great place to apply your competitive thinking.  7)  Ensure that your team is getting stronger as well as tougher by competing in the weight room.

Hopefully this will spur both those creative and competitive juices!

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