Creating A Culture Of Champions

1. Your players have to know what the Core Values of your program are. Those Core Values need to be articulated to and by your players daily. The Tomcat Values are: Confidence, Composure and Class.

2. Your players should be able to verbalize what the Vision for your program is when randomly asked. When your players are “called out” routinely they will quickly learn to recite the Vision. The Tomcat Vision is: Investing in the process rather than the product leads to personal development and a championship experience.

3. Establish your Standards of Behavior. Championship teams live up to their standard on their worst day; the rest of the time they exceed them. Seventh place teams live up to their standards on their best day. The Tomcat Standards of Behavior are: The tongue reflects the heart. How you treat women, teachers, fellow students and game officials should never require an apology.

4. Are your players becoming Servant Leaders? The leaders in your locker room should serve in order to lead. The Tomcat Servant Leadership model is: Commitment to the team first; Live to Love and Love to Give.

5. Your Culture of Champions is transferred to others by Teacher-Leaders. In your program the upperclassmen transfer the culture to the underclassmen. We know this has been accomplished when: Tomcat Basketball is “player-led.”

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