About Jason Mays


Late July of 2017, I became the Associate Head Coach at Kentucky Wesleyan College, the winningest basketball program in NCAA Division II history, home to eight National Championships.  By November, I was the Interim Head Coach.  By March of 2018 I was not hired as the full-time Head Coach.  In May of 2018 I became the Head Coach at Ashland Paul Blazer High School, Ashland, KY.  My coaching career has been a non-traditional one, involving eight years out of college coaching.

I coach to Mentor Young Men Through The Game of Basketball.  It is my desire to see my players develop the confidence to obtain what they set out for in life.  I wish for them to develop the composure to see adversity not as an obstacle to success, but rather something that intensifies their desire to succeed.  Finally, I pray my players develop the class to realize that it is not the situation that people remember, but rather how one handles the situation that resonates for years.

This is my personal blog.  It’s goal is to be a resource for basketball coaches as they try to win the next game.  This blog is basketball centric, but it’s content usually has a leadership twist to it.  My mission as a basketball coach is to Mentor Young Men Through The Game of Basketball.  As a coach, if you are to lead others, you must first understand what leadership means to you.

I write on X’s and O’s, game strategies, practice organization, recruiting, player-coach relationships, parent-coach relationships and other topics that doesn’t fit neatly into these categories.

My goal is to create relevant and actionable content that helps a coach win the next game or helps their program understand The Process of Winning.  If you are a basketball coach (or in a position of leadership) then this blog is for you.

The goal is to create new posts three times per week.  Please subscribe to ensure that you don’t miss out on my next post.  I also accept a limited amount of advertising and promotional opportunities.

My Top Posts

  1. X’s and O’s and special situation execution
  2. Half-court man-to-man defense (choke reversal)
  3. The Process of Winning (process mindset vs. production mindset)
  4. A balancing act:  your team vs. your family
  5. Misc.:  my favorite places to eat and travel

My Story

I was hired (actually got paid by a school) to coach college basketball when I was 21.  I have spent ten years in college coaching, and three years coaching middle school, and high school.  I have coached at almost every level of basketball, (including my son’s Kindergarten Upward team).

When our first child was born, he had difficulties, which caused him to stay in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care unit for some time.  It was at this time that I realized my entire life up to that point was about winning the next game or signing the next player (recruiting).  At the end of that current season, I stepped away from the game.

I became a financial advisor and worked as an insurance agent in Lexington, KY for seven years.  I unsuccessfully ran for State Representative in Kentucky, chaired two boards, started a non-profit and failed as much as I succeeded.

I was fortunate to re-enter collegiate coaching in 2015 at the NCAA Division II level but did so 10 hours away from my wife and two kids.  This wasn’t sustainable, so I came back to Kentucky to coach at Kentucky Wesleyan and now Ashland Blazer.

I’ve heard that we think we know what we want to do with our lives in our twenties, but then realize we didn’t have a clue what we were meant to do by the time we reach our thirties and we finally realize what we are called to do with our lives by the time we reach forty.  It’s been an interesting journey, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am called to Mentor Young People Through The Game of Basketball and allow others to realize their potential through my coaching, it just took a while to get to this point.

I have been married to my wife Lori Beth (@LoriBeth27) for 14 years.  We have two children and two dogs that combine for 8 lbs. (a Morkie and a Yorkie).  We live in Georgetown, KY.

When I am not coaching, I love to work on my blog, speak to groups ranging from government agencies to middle school basketball teams, and supporting our kids in their array of athletic pursuits.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via Email or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.  If Snapping is your thing, join me on Snapchat @CoachJMays.